Friday, 27 February 2009

Spare pair of hands anyone??

Today has involved working furiously to get another design down in a few hours that Mr S looked after our youngest, successful-well with a bit of tweaking i'll get there! Lunch involved meeting up with friends at Pizza hut which was lovely, and always entertaining where our children are involved.

The high-light of my day was when my parcel arrived from Orange you Lucky, I won the give away for her cards-they're fab and will post piccie's tomorrow.

Still feeling frustrated at not having enough time to be able to be creative, feels like my design work is suffering.......also it could be the time of year where there's lots going on in my head but just a lack of time to get it into production, could do with a spare pair of hands-any volunteers??

I'm interested having read other blogs that people seem to be doing swaps, if anyone reads my ramblings and knows anything about/involved in this drop me a line, i'd be really interested.

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