Monday, 30 March 2009

How productive....

Well, what a busy day I've had, after dropping off the eldest to nursery I then came back and started on a new design layout for my agent, a beautiful butterfly design in pastels took a bit of tweaking but looked great once it was down. I've only been back designing for the last 2 months, and I'm finding it a bit of a struggle. I thought my design flair would just spark straight away but I've found it hard juggling the kids/house/lack of time to work, before the boys arrived I was confident and throughly enjoyed my design work so I'm hoping later this year things will be back in order and I'll have more time to concentrate on work.........These little beauties have been sat in my sewing basket for the last week, I keep adding stitches and buttons. I love the farm animals and the layering of fabric, these are probably going to be brooches but I may use them as panels on cushions?!?

This is a sneaky peak at one of my handmade gifts for the swaps, I couldn't resist popping it in as I felt it's just so yummy, plus the final outcome for my swap partner looks quite different, watch this space for final pics once my swaps have been posted.

And then Mr Postie arrived with 2 parcels, the 1st a wonderful package from Sophie Isobel Designs, and look how lovely the outer packing was(took a pic before I ripped the packaging)

And once inside, swooon, look how lovely my brooches were wrapped, lovely purple ribbons going to use them!

And these were what it was all about-gorgeous. I keep looking at them and can't wait to put them on my coat tomorrow!

The 2nd parcel was a wondeful picture from Aunty Cookie, and I can't think of a more perfect phrase-it definitely aplies to me and will be hung in pride of place, next to my stash!!
A busy day, and this evening I've been finishing off my swap items!
Have a great evening!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Getting there

This is what my busy husband has been doing this last week. As you can tell from the previous post he's been busy fencing in an area so our boys will be safe when they go down there to give me a bit of free time to work.

There's no longer rolls of carpet over the ground, but the beginnings of beds-Mr S said that he's even found potato's growing which is great. The area in the left hand corner where my MIL is working was full of glass, she managed to clear 4 bucket fulls of the stuff to make it safe for us to grow and the boys to play!! She'a real gem.

This is the view from the back part of the allotment, as you can see Mr S is still uncovering lots of wood, he reckons there's 2 shed's and several doors laid out over the allotment!! I can't believe how busy he's been, but determination is definitely his middle name, and if that means we'll get veg by the summer than so be it!! You don't see me down there this weekend as I've been a bit poorly AGAIN:( bad throat and very sore ears (can hardly hear anything which is great in some respects but not helpful for answering the phone or hearing the kids!!) Fingers crossed for a better week, lots to do and I'm soooo looking forward to Easter!!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Vintage egg give-away

I have just come across this fantastic give-away on Betty and Violet's blog, beautiful vintage eggs pop over and have a look at all their vintage loveliness, would be a shame to miss out!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Just checking in...

Not had the most creative week in the world, been working on my swaps so can't blog much about them incase the people in question have a peek at my blog. Lets just say that everything's coming on nicely and will be in the post early next week!
So here's a little lovely that I have hanging from my kitchen cupboard that I thought I'd share, I love quirky looking cow's, sheep, pigs and chickens and have quite a few on my window sill. I have to be a bit careful where i hang them now as they drive Mr S mad!!! These delicious looking cakes where made for Mother's day and they went down a treat. Forgot to add piccie early but thought they'd add a splash of colour today as it's a bit dull and miserable here! Not sure who had more fun making them the boys or me??? Yep you got!!
Mr S has managed to get down the allotment this week for a few hours and put some fencing in place, so the boys can be kept in. Now all he wants is another shed!! Me and the boys walked across to see how he was getting on yesterday and got completely soaked, not just a sprinkling of rain, we could only be described as "drowned rats", so I suppose if he did have a shed at least we could shelter from the rain!
Hope you have a great weekend, I'm off round a friends tonight to have Mexican-yum yum!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Good Life

This is what has been playing on my mind, and mostly Mr S's, it's going to be his pride and joy and I must admit his enthusiam is beginning to rub off. As of Monday Mr S is the proud owner of an allotment, a piece of land which at the moment is covered in carpet and looks slightly like a bomb site, but he tells me it has the potential of:
1. Keeping us in fruit & veg for the forciable future
2. Keeping the kids out of my way so I'm free to work and stitch.

Well what more can I say, the last statement obviously did it for me so off we trotted today to have a look. Yes it needs alot of work but the last owners have left some rhubarb, parsnips and an apple tree which is good. Mr S has got some fencing that he's hoping to use to keep the kids in, fingers crossed for another dry day tomorrow and that should be up.

A quick visit to the garden centre and we're fully stocked on seeds, the boys wholeheartedly joined in on this, including Sunflowers and some activity seeds which create wacky animal shapes-will show pic's of these as they're funky but very strange once they've grown.

And now the fun begins, Mr S is a bit meticulous and likes to draw plans and layouts much to my amusement( he's drawing one as I type!!) I'm sure they'll be several sketches left around the house, teatime talk will centre around shed's but it's going to look great and I'm very proud of his determination! Hopefully I'll get more bunches of flowers when they're home grown and to hand!!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Busy bee

I've been a busy bee finishing off my deadline, migraines have stopped (touch wood) and I'm trying not to beat myself up with the fact that I didn't get the final piece done, I know there's always another day but I'm a 110% kinda girl so I do push myself hard. This is a sneaky peek of part of my design that I've been working on-can't show you any more that would be cheating!!

I've been tossing lots of idea's about in my head, layering up different fabrics and textures as a base, not sure where it's going but thinking a chicken or two may look good on it, will post a pic later and add it to my to do list!!

Also thinking about making some baby bunting for my Sister, she's expecting her first baby in 3wks. I saw her moses basket today and it's got the cutest bunting around the top. Cream and beige would fit well in her nursery, OR I wait till Baby arrives and add a colour-any thoughts? Or ideas on what I could make the new arrival??

Sunday, 22 March 2009

My Mum's gifts

This little box full of goodies will be winging there way to my Mum this afternoon. My Mum, having seen one of my other bunnies said she'd love to have one-so me being me-I knocked this one out Friday afternoon, complete with red dress, flower applique on the corner and flower in her hair! Also in the box(lovingly covered with wrap by my boys!) are my mum's fav smellies, a book, and some decorative hearts, hope she likes them!! Close up of the flower brooch that I've pinned to her ear, love the colour linen I've used for this bunny. Also have used different colour fabric inside ear (cream spotty stuff) to the dress which looks super cute!
Close up of the gift tag I made, couple of freebies off the front of mags combined with cut out lettering-guessing my Mum's probably going to keep this, along with the other bits and pieces I've made her over the years hee hee!!

Happy Mother's Day

This little assortment of treats is what awaited me this morning from my 2 little boys, a beautiful wild flowers bouquet in purples, pale pink and cream-with roses (double points!!) Gorgeous, and a box of Swiss choc's which always goes down a treat. Not in the pic (because I'm wearing it) is a yummy Mummy apron, will be in later pics tonight. These are priceless, a hand-made card and hand-made truffles made at school by my eldest, he's only 4 but it made me smile, he'd already told me earlier in the week that he'd made them but shhhhhh, they're a secret surprise-Kid's they're priceless!!!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there, we're all off to my sisters for a spot of lunch. Me and the boys have made iced bun's covered in sweets to take as a treat for us all. Have a great afternoon!

Free Give-away

Good morning everyone, I have just found a delighful first blog anniversary give-away on Her Library Adventure's. A beautiful mixed media collage entitled "Ballet History" and if this wasn't enough the chance of also owing some custom made brooches. Now I love surfing blogs and I came across this blog a while back, it's a lovely combination of beautiful items and a very talented lady that combines and mixes up collage techniques and fabric brooches.
In the next 2 weeks I will be the brand new owner of 2 of these delightful brooches-I can't wait!!
Pop over and leave a comment and you'll be entered as well-who could say fairer than that!

Friday, 20 March 2009

That brooch and a Bunny!

Just a sneaky peak at my new Liberty cute, just couldn't leave him sitting on the shelf. Lots to do today, also got to make my Mum's Mother's day gift, bought the fabric yesterday will post pic's once it's made!
Have a good day wherever you are, hope the sun's shining!
Taa daa, adorned on my navy top, with a little bit of my mad hair on show at the top!!!

Looks fab, looking forward to showing it off today. A little treat to me as a Mummy, ready for Mother's day, looking forward to the weekend.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Oh oh oh

Look at what arrived on my doorstep this arvo(don't look at the shadow on piccie, dull day and just wanted to show you what I got) this little gem of a brooch from Zoe Woods. I'm over the moon with it and can't wait to wear it tomorrow, will get a better photo as well. Pop over to Zoe's blog and visit her shop here there's lots of lovelies to be had. And I'll defo be popping across for more.

Haven't been blogging lately as been busy with deadline looming and having quite a few migraines-on the plus I've got some pills and the Doc reckons I'm not going mad soooooooo, just a case of slowing down, chilling out and de-stressing........yeah right!!!!

Have more piccies to put on later of bits I've been working on, ta ta for now!

Monday, 16 March 2009

My Saturday night date!

This is what I spent my Saturday evening know the one I followed the pattern for. Found the perfect fabric for the dress-vintage roses-from my haberdashery shop-and yes I did go into a kind of trance when I saw this. Have appliqued a little felt flower on the edge and trimed bottom of dress with lace.
Still have to add eye's but thats easy peasy!!
Didn't realise bunny and wallpaper blend slighty!!

Swap reminder for me.....

This is as much for me as it is for you, a reminder of the swaps that I've joined. As I've got a brain like a seive and no matter how much hair dye I apply I still manage to forget things frequently, my Mum reckons it's got alot to do with having children, but I think I've always been a bit like this. I'm one for lists, and find it helpful to put things in order even if I don't remember till the last minute, so here goes........
Semi slacker Spring swap-Tammy
Maker swap-Jaime
Bunch of Scrap mini swap-TBA

So gotta get my thinking cap and making cap on!!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hooo humm

Well what a lovely day, the suns been shining and managed to get the boys out for a walk. Been busy stitching some new softie bunnies which i will put on tomorrow, can't believe i've managed to follow a pattern and it looks pretty ok even if i do say so myself.

Have also joined some new swaps, will let you know.....
Without a computer i'm at a loss, and borrowing my sister's laptop-so will update a bit more tomorrow, don't want to seem completely antisocial at my Mum's!!!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Sale day pictures

Thought I'd include a couple of piccies of my Mad Sale Day, lots of goodies to be had. You can see my bunnies peeping out from the top shelf! More of the goodies that were on offer.
My Easter tree, full of bunnies, eggs, butteflies and hedgehogs-love the candy colours!
Great day had by all, lots of ladies popped by to have a look, lots of goodies sold and a very wary me by the end of the day!!

My First Swap

Oh my goodness, this very exciting parcel arrived on Thursday and as you know I was having my sale day, so I didn't get to open it till friday and this is what was inside-woow weee!! A gorgeoous selection on beads, buttons, brads, dye-cuts, felt, paper, and just lots more. This is my first ever swap and my partner Jayne from Cupcake Fantasy put a wonderful package together.
This rather cute little Easter chick favour came with a secret inside, some yummy Cadbury's cream eggs-which i may share with the boys or keep to myself!!

Imagine my amazment as I kept discovering new gems, wire shapes-love them can't wait to use them-and a cute little knitted/crochet bag full of fudge-will have to keep them out of the way of Mr S, there his favourites!!
This selection of felt and ribbons will be added to my stash, already got my creative head on, thinking what lovely Spring projects they could be included in. Also a lovely hand made heart which will be found a good home!
And still more, a fantastic selection of papers which I will be putting to good use soon. All I can say is a big Thank you to Jayne what a wonderful first swap and I'm looking forward to the next swap!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Job well done!!

Just a quick update as i'm pooped. Very successful day but non-stop, started at 11.30am and went through till 9pm, long day, aching feet, but very happy with how things went. Now chilling with a glass of vino.

Received my swap today but haven't had chance to have a look, so piccies tomorrow.

On a sad note my laptop has had to go to be fixed, definitely feel like my right arm is missing now-should be back in a week so sharing Mr S's computer!!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


After another migraine this morning, I have managed to get all the stock out, displayed and priced. Everything looks lovely and hopefully will inspire Easter and Mother's Day gifts, will post some piccies tom. Fingers crossed I sell lots.

Sun's been shining all day (which hasn't helped the dull pain behind my eyes) and it really feel likes Spring is finally here, love the fact the evenings are pulling out, won't be long till we can eat al fresco!!

Have a good day tomorrow, full of creative fun.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Taa Daa

Well this is what happens when your finally get your eldest to stitch, he created a pig and a "humming" bird. Bearing in mind he's only 4 i was really impressed at his creativity. I'm going to take full credit for this as I always laughed and said if my boys can't sew by the time they're 5 I'll have to send them back ha ha!!

Not much creativity and craftiness from me today as trying to get organised for a sale that I'm doing with my other business. Times are hard this year, and I'm completely unsure what to do....I'm not a quitter but I'm also not daft enough to plough money into something which won't prosper.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Beaded Flower Lady

I have been working up an idea from the girly flower faces and this is what materialised. I throughly enjoyed the freedom of layering fabrics and stitching freely. Thinking of working up a striped panel in these colours with lots of ribbon and beads....what do you think?? A close up of the stitching and bead work.

Today has not been very productful in the craft sense, have done the obligatory food shop with a toddler that tried to strangle me with my own scarf while pushing the trolley! The joys of motherhood! Took the boys to a mini olympics activity this arvo which ended with my eldest testing out his football skills and my youngest throwing another tantrum of epic proportions-award worthy-definitely!!
Not sure where my crafty ideas are going- don't seem to be able to make finished items, lots of things that COULD be used, but don't have an end purpose-HELP?/? Perhaps it's because I have so many things going on in my head and just need to prioritise..............

Sunday, 8 March 2009

My Charm parcel

This rather cute fabric is also another find from Phat sheep and I just adore the cute little ladies, what do you think?

Yesterday this rather lovely parcel arrived with my charm pack from Phat sheep, it 's fab and I can't wait to use the fabrics on a new project. I must admit I'm a hoarder who would rather keep all these nice pieces of fabric in a safe place where I can go and look at them constantly, but I have promised myself this year I will try and turn them into something!!

I decided on the sea bird fabric as I live on the coast and most of the birds on the fabric live about here, but if you visit Phat sheep you'll find lots of other lovely fabric including Fairy tale birds and Summer flowers which would look great on any craft project, to name but a few, i also think that Croft house print is really sweet.

Pop over to the Phat sheep blog to see more beautiful fabric and the article that she features in, in Sew Hip!

Pom-pom Critters

These little pom-pom critters where made by my youngest today, he's only 2, and throughly enjoyed glueing the bits togetehr including his fingers. I'm not sure he realises that the little monsters have raided his book shelf!!

Love the bright colours and the fact he decided what each one was wearing!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Flower girls

How cute do these look, I was pleasantly surprised at how they turned out.
Ok, here's my little doodle from last night that inspired my "Flower girls". Simple yet effective, not sure what to use them for-brooches/decoration on something???

Just a quick note...

Morning, I'll be doing some crafty blogging later. Have spent the morning tidying the house so I'll be able to work uninterrupted this arvo. Can't wait to get stitching- have design work to do first then going to indulge myself in a little idea that I drew up last night.

Have a good day, by the way the sun's shining in my part of the world hope it is in your! :)

Thursday, 5 March 2009

The give away I won

As promised the cards that I won in Orange you lucky, first blog anniversary. You can't imagine how pleased I was when this little parcel arrived on my doorstep with a lovely letter as well.
Can't wait to use them!!

Time for tea!

This cute little magnet was a real find-in includes my 2 favourite things, fabric and beads and it's functional and looks pretty on my fridge (well out of the way from sticky fingers!!) Haven't been creative today, but have managed a visit to the local haberdashery shop for more filling and sparkly bits. Boys have been to a play area today so 2 worn out and very tired, which explains why my youngest is having another beautiful tantrum-picture the lady from the advert laying on the floor stamping her hands and feet-well thats him!!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

It's a family affair

Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop...........................
Here's my family of bunnies which I've been busy finishing off today. I'm really pleased with the outcome, love the mix of fabrics and I've managed to indulge each bunny with a select few buttons.
Today has been a rollercoaster ride with my youngest as he's spent the best part of the day having tantrums, I think the saying goes..."he's testing the patience of a saint" and my word he definiely has pushed every boundary, was glad to finally get him to bed and relax with my stitching.
Tomorrow holds a visit to the haberdashery department, need some more filling and some brooch backs, watch this space have something in mind!

The latest additions.....

Here are my latest additions to my bunnie collection, I've affectionately named them: Sweetpea, Ivy and Bramble.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hop little Bunnies, hop.. hop.. hop..

As promised piccies of my first 3 finished Bunnies, it took longer than expected as I couldn't decide on the buttons and bits to put on them...hope you like!

Busy day

Today I have received my swap partner, and I must admit I'm very excited about it, the colour package I'll be making for her is Pink!!

Been busy today taking the boys to gym club which they throughly enjoyed and wore themselves out on. I wish they had something like that when I was younger, completely child friendly and even when the boys lumped each other over the head with large foam chips no damage was done!
When we got back I was able to stitch and stuff a few more bunnies, so hopefully will be able to complete them over the next few days-will add piccies.

Also been getting some lovely comments off fellow bloggers which is great and makes me think that I'm not completely mad typing my thoughts into a computer and hoping that like minded people will read them.


I've been meaning to add this piccie, my new mugs from Next, I just love the colours and the simple patterns-makes me feel all Springy!!

Monday, 2 March 2009


I have finally managed to join a couple of swaps, my mum reckons it's the modern version of a pen-pal. Can't wait to find the outcomes....

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!: A Charming Color Swap

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!: A Charming Color Swap

Amazing what little bits of off-cut's can look like when stitched together.

I really like the colours, not sure what to do with it yet,any comments welcome on this one!

Finally started making again....for my enjoyment!!

I've been busy yesterday making some little bunnies with remenants of fabric, still have faces to make but I'm thinking they look sooo cute. Look out for the others that i get finished soon. Going to attach some cotton so they can be hung as decorations-can't wait to get the green star one hung in my kitchen!