Saturday, 14 March 2009

Sale day pictures

Thought I'd include a couple of piccies of my Mad Sale Day, lots of goodies to be had. You can see my bunnies peeping out from the top shelf! More of the goodies that were on offer.
My Easter tree, full of bunnies, eggs, butteflies and hedgehogs-love the candy colours!
Great day had by all, lots of ladies popped by to have a look, lots of goodies sold and a very wary me by the end of the day!!


  1. Hi there, your in east anglia too, why haven't we seen each other before? Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, off to take a good look at your blog etc, nice to meet you, Zoe

  2. Hi Emma
    I'm glad you had such a nice day! Looks like there were lots of lovely goodies to be snapped up :)
    Have a great weekend
    Em x

  3. Hi!
    Oh that's so lovely to hear- I love creating children's art so it's such a pleasure to hear when a child says they like your work :)
    Thanks for stopping by my shop it's always great to get feedback on it- especially when I'm so new to it all. If you do think I could improve it in any way please let me know. You should definitely open a shop!
    Suns out here- hope you are getting some too. Have a great Sunday.
    Em x

  4. Hello! Just stumbled across your blog. I love the cups in the picture - where are they from?