Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This little assortment of treats is what awaited me this morning from my 2 little boys, a beautiful wild flowers bouquet in purples, pale pink and cream-with roses (double points!!) Gorgeous, and a box of Swiss choc's which always goes down a treat. Not in the pic (because I'm wearing it) is a yummy Mummy apron, will be in later pics tonight. These are priceless, a hand-made card and hand-made truffles made at school by my eldest, he's only 4 but it made me smile, he'd already told me earlier in the week that he'd made them but shhhhhh, they're a secret surprise-Kid's they're priceless!!!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there, we're all off to my sisters for a spot of lunch. Me and the boys have made iced bun's covered in sweets to take as a treat for us all. Have a great afternoon!

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