Sunday, 29 March 2009

Getting there

This is what my busy husband has been doing this last week. As you can tell from the previous post he's been busy fencing in an area so our boys will be safe when they go down there to give me a bit of free time to work.

There's no longer rolls of carpet over the ground, but the beginnings of beds-Mr S said that he's even found potato's growing which is great. The area in the left hand corner where my MIL is working was full of glass, she managed to clear 4 bucket fulls of the stuff to make it safe for us to grow and the boys to play!! She'a real gem.

This is the view from the back part of the allotment, as you can see Mr S is still uncovering lots of wood, he reckons there's 2 shed's and several doors laid out over the allotment!! I can't believe how busy he's been, but determination is definitely his middle name, and if that means we'll get veg by the summer than so be it!! You don't see me down there this weekend as I've been a bit poorly AGAIN:( bad throat and very sore ears (can hardly hear anything which is great in some respects but not helpful for answering the phone or hearing the kids!!) Fingers crossed for a better week, lots to do and I'm soooo looking forward to Easter!!


  1. Wow it's looking good, your husband and MIL have been busy. Hope you are feeling better soon
    Louise x

  2. Hello
    Hope you are feeling much better soon
    Em x

  3. Hello there, thanks for dropping by my blog it's lovely to hear from new people! Your Husband is doing an amazing job, hope you feel better soon. Lisaxxx

  4. I would love an allotment. can't wait to see what you produce from it.