Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Busy bee

I've been a busy bee finishing off my deadline, migraines have stopped (touch wood) and I'm trying not to beat myself up with the fact that I didn't get the final piece done, I know there's always another day but I'm a 110% kinda girl so I do push myself hard. This is a sneaky peek of part of my design that I've been working on-can't show you any more that would be cheating!!

I've been tossing lots of idea's about in my head, layering up different fabrics and textures as a base, not sure where it's going but thinking a chicken or two may look good on it, will post a pic later and add it to my to do list!!

Also thinking about making some baby bunting for my Sister, she's expecting her first baby in 3wks. I saw her moses basket today and it's got the cutest bunting around the top. Cream and beige would fit well in her nursery, OR I wait till Baby arrives and add a colour-any thoughts? Or ideas on what I could make the new arrival??


  1. Hi, those taggy comforter things are good to make for babies and you can use loads of different colours and textures. Kate x

  2. Hi Emma, please email your address for the slacker swap at tammy@rosecreations.net. Thank you.