Friday, 27 March 2009

Just checking in...

Not had the most creative week in the world, been working on my swaps so can't blog much about them incase the people in question have a peek at my blog. Lets just say that everything's coming on nicely and will be in the post early next week!
So here's a little lovely that I have hanging from my kitchen cupboard that I thought I'd share, I love quirky looking cow's, sheep, pigs and chickens and have quite a few on my window sill. I have to be a bit careful where i hang them now as they drive Mr S mad!!! These delicious looking cakes where made for Mother's day and they went down a treat. Forgot to add piccie early but thought they'd add a splash of colour today as it's a bit dull and miserable here! Not sure who had more fun making them the boys or me??? Yep you got!!
Mr S has managed to get down the allotment this week for a few hours and put some fencing in place, so the boys can be kept in. Now all he wants is another shed!! Me and the boys walked across to see how he was getting on yesterday and got completely soaked, not just a sprinkling of rain, we could only be described as "drowned rats", so I suppose if he did have a shed at least we could shelter from the rain!
Hope you have a great weekend, I'm off round a friends tonight to have Mexican-yum yum!


  1. Those cupcakes look delicious!
    Have fun tonight!

  2. First time visiting your wonderful blog!
    And I just thought to tell you, how talented and creative I think you are!
    Debbie Moss