Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Taa Daa

Well this is what happens when your finally get your eldest to stitch, he created a pig and a "humming" bird. Bearing in mind he's only 4 i was really impressed at his creativity. I'm going to take full credit for this as I always laughed and said if my boys can't sew by the time they're 5 I'll have to send them back ha ha!!

Not much creativity and craftiness from me today as trying to get organised for a sale that I'm doing with my other business. Times are hard this year, and I'm completely unsure what to do....I'm not a quitter but I'm also not daft enough to plough money into something which won't prosper.


  1. These are so sweet! Isn't he clever!

    I'm sorry to hear that times are tough with your other business :( I hope your sale goes well- if you want to send me a link to it (that's if it's internet based) I can pass it on to all my friends?

    Em x

  2. i know exactly where you're coming from, i think it's why i'm feeling a little lost and un-inspired at the moment... let's hope it will pass sooner rather thamn later!


  3. Yay! I'm all for a bit of child labour...I've been training up my neice n nephew...next time they're here I shall be introducing them to accountancy ;o)

    Know where you're coming from on the times are hard front missus...good luck with your project and send links if there's owt I can do to help!