Friday, 14 August 2009

Checking in..........

Soooooooo, my creative juices are not flowing at the mo but I'm loving looking at other peoples blogs, hoping to be inspired very soon!!!

Things are all ok in the Stitching household, boys enjoying Summer and popping down the allotment which is providing us with lots of yummy veggies. On the downside have had bad news concerning a friend, who I'm very worried about and a little nephew who is poorly.

Works busy and my outlet for being a grown-up rather than just Mum!! Looking forward to some baking with my boys this weekend, will post some piccies.

Have a great weekend xx

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Long time no see...

Well hello there,
Long time no see. I've been a busy bee trying to get myself, the house and my work in order. I'm now feeling better and have been enjoying the wonderful sunshine with my boys!! The allotment is thriving and i have one very happy husband and 2 little boys that enjoy picking veggies for their tea.

On a sad note I have finally admitted defeat with my design work, its just not happening and I think I've finally realised that there is more to life and I really don't have to feel guilty that
1) The ideas are not coming
2) Working to deadlines that make not only me but the whole household stressed
3) That I may never design for an agent again?!?

Sooooooooo, I started Usborne books which was great but still not really paying the bills so I'm now working behind a bar/restaurant, working set hours, with a boss and I leave all the problems there when I finish. It's quite a relief not being my own boss, yes I enjoyed it but it's non-stop and does take over family life!

So there it is, I have had a good clear out of my fabric store and have listed them in bundles on e-bay, pop across if you want to grab a bargain Hope i've done this link right, any probs drop me a line.

Take care and I look forward to hearing from my bloggy friends xx

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Long time no see...

Well hello there, long time no see. I've been trying to take things easy and have successfully not had a migraine in 2 wks(but shhh don't mention it I'm a bit superstitious!!!) Taking things a day at a time and enjoying the sunshine and my boys. O the plus side I have started a new venture and become a rep for Usborne books which is fab as my boys love the books nd it fits in fab with them, Sooooooo this week I had my first party and lots of people popped in to see us.

The boys very successfully made cakes and biscuits from the 30 Yummy things to bake cards, and I must admit they went down a storm!
Yummy delicious cakes!
This is the display of fab books and as you can see from the wall, beautiful monsters made by my boys from the Monster make and do book!!
If anyone is interested in purchasing books from the range or having a party or knows of any fairs/fetes coming up please get in contact.
Once again I feel really lucky to have so many bloggy friend concerned with my health, I'm getting there and enjoying the sunshine to boot!!
Have a fab weekend and I'll get the pic's on of the PIF gifts I received on here very soon xx

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thanks girls

Thank you girls for all your kind words, beginning to feel better, just taking it easy and popping on here every so often. I received my swaps organised by the 6 o'clock swap, will post all swap piccies when i getthe chance.

Hope all is well in the world of blogland, catch up soon!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Quick hello!

Just a quicky, I've been away a while now, the migraines have got quite serious every other day so feeling pretty rough most of the time. Trying to limit the amount of time I spend on here as my head and eyes are sore. Not really sure whats going on but hoping to start feeling better soon, then I'l be back full of bouncing beans!!

Friday, 24 April 2009

What a day

Today hasn't been very productive, managed to clean the house while keeping an eye on youngest who has been complaining of a tummy ache. So as promised in previous blogs here are the piccies i've promised.

This little lovely was sent to me by Emma, and I've always admired her beautiful work but to get one in the post I was over the moon. My youngest is probably going to get this in his room as he throughly enjoys being in the garden and our allotment has become his most favourite place in the whole world!! So a great big thank you Emma, it's fab!

I meant to blog about this ages ago, I entered a give-away hosted by the 6 o'clock Stitch. I received this gorgeous postcard congratulating me on being a winner, love the spotty background! I received some cute little Cup cake paper cut outs in cute pink and black papers, can't wait to use them in a project.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Today hasn't been very productive, did manage to clean the house but had a little boy unwell so have kept an eye on him. So here as promised are the piccies I've promised in previous blogs.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Back in blog land

Well hello there, I'm back in blog land with lots to show and tell. This is my swap that I received from Tammy, I took part in the semi-slackers swap and this little beauty came all the way from America. I sneakily opened it up without the boys about otherwise I'd never have got a look in!! And look at all the lovelies inside, a really cute handmade bunny, a hollow milk chocolate duck, some lovely smellies, which my youngest has already taken off to the bathroom! , a lovely tea towel, cute pink bunny, a memopad and stickers and some lovely fabric.......

A close up of the cute bunny tea towel and porcelain pink bunny.

Extremely cute fabric.
Thank you so much Tammy, it's always nice to meet new blog friends and receive lovely parcels of goodies!

The other day I purchased this cute little tote bag from Matalan, couldn't resist the gorgeous strawberry pattern, but did think I'd need to add a little bit of stitching.......

.........and taaaaa daaaa the felt strawberries are made and attached, love it! :)

I do apologise for lack of blogs but been busy being a new Auntie, looking after my munchkins, one of which has the bruised remains of an egg shaped lump on his head where he ran into some parallel bars at gym on Tuesday-The trials and tribulations of being a parent!! I've been designing again the last couple of days, and have received some samples of my work on gift wrap which I'll post tomorrow.
Also pay it forward parcels will be going out tomorrow.
And I've enrolled on my crochet course.
Have a good evening!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Good excuse for not blogging

Ok, have been very slack since Thursday but will put full update on later.
What has prohibited me from blogging is the new arrival of my First baby nephew, who is just sooo cute!!
To say I'm excited would be an understatement, had my cuddles and popping in for another visit this arvo, obviously to see how my sister is getting on!

To all my Pay it forward friends waiting for gifts, they'll be on there way by the end of the week!!

Have a great arvo in the sun!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

What A Fab Day

Well what a great day I've had. A group of us girlies and children all trooped off for a morning at "Pets Corner" then a picnic in the local park. Yes I must admit we looked like the Waltons(we numbered 18), but with so many enthusiastic kiddies you couldn't fail to hear us coming!

After looking at numerous rabbits, goats, chickens, pigs, sheep, reptiles and various other small animals, and feeding them(at this point can I just add that I really don't like animals and scream like a right girlie when anything comes close, so picture me with lots of wet wipes and anti-bac)

My two boys we're really brave and wanted to hold the bunnies which were only 6wks old, very cute, very fluffy but hell no we're defo not having any new residents in our home. One very proud mummy took lots of piccies and did venture to stroke one cute lil'bunny as I felt my 2yr old was showing me up! Also my youngest had a run in with two small goats in a small space, I'm still giggling at the memory-he'll learn why mummy says don't go off without me, did feel like it was an "I told you so!" moment.

Had a great picnic, I had managed to make some crispy cakes first thing this morning 24 of them, so there was lots of happy chocolately faces. I don't know whether I've mentioned why we had our little day out, firstly it's because we all go stir crazy over the Easter holidays but secondly and probably most importantly all us Mummy's are going shopping tomorrow in Norwich, all day! We can't wait for a day full of shopping in "Women's" shops, without tutting, whinging or full on tantrums,and that's just our husbands. A full day to indulge and pamper ourselves, a relaxing lunch uninterupted and not having to share half of it, then more shopping, then an evening round one of the girlies having a few beverages!!

To say I can't wait would be an understatement, one of my friends already has everything ready for the morning, I'm not that organised. The only short fall is that my sister still hasn't had her baby and I can guarantee it'll happen tomorrow!!

Also received a lovely print today from Emma, will blog the piccie over the weekend, Thank you Emma it was very kind of you can't wait to put it up.

I also received a prospectus today for short courses, I'm considering Dress-making, Crochet or Fun with Textiles. I really can't decide, would appreciate any feedback from you fellow bloggers. Crochet appeals as I have never had the patience to learn ................

Have a great Friday, I'm going too!!


Monday, 13 April 2009

Look what I got....Swap 2 and 3

After a great Easter weekend I've finally managed to get my swap piccies on my blog. So here goes, get ready for picture overload.....
This was my "Make" swap with Jaime, look at all my lovely parcels wrapped with tissue and tied with ribbon, which has all been kept for later use! Inside my packages were a lovely beaded purse, a little teapot book mark(i think?), a needle case and brooch, cute silver heart box and choccy bunnies, gorgeous handmade ear-rings and 2 divine smelling oatmeal, milk and honey soaps-how lucky am I?!?

I was so pleased with this needle book as I haven't got one and the brooch is so sweet, can't wait to use them.

Close up of the handmade ear-rings, really lovely and I'm wearing the black and silver ones as we speak.

My second parcel from Emilie contained these wonderful Easter tins, how cute, and very intriguing.

Inside this beautiful little box was the cutest magic glass egg which changes colour with light and water, thank you Emilie my boys were amazed with this!!

The other tin contained this wonderful Americana garland and bucket, just love them both!!

This is my gorgeous glass egg which changes colour in front of my bunnies, Emilie also included some really cute little bunnies which I have forgotten to add but they're on my display with my Easter goodies( will pop piccie on in a bit)

These last piccies are from my Easter display, my fat hens look right at home with the bunnies and chickens!
By the way my eldest has named all the Hens, this one is Bryan!

This one is chicken pox!!

Happy Bank Holiday xx

Could Vintage girl,Beaky and Blueberry Heart contact me......

Ok girls, 3 pay it forward comments so could........

Vintage Girl,


Blueberry Heart,

Please e-mail me their addressesand i'll pop something in the post to you, thanks.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Pay it forward...........

I've joined this thing called pay it forward (has anyone seen the film-Haley Joel Osment is in it?), anyway..................... For those who don't know, it goes like this - the first three people to leave a comment will receive a hand made gift from me! The only thing you have to do is participate and carry on the gift giving to three more soon as you have left a comment do a "pay it forward post" on your blog and continue the giving. I've signed up for the one over on Bex's blog. It's such a great idea!!

Happy Easter, and enjoy those choccies eggs!!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Have a great Easter weekend

Just a quick check in, busy few days, so will update everything with piccies in the next couple of days.
Firstly my sister is due to have her first baby in the next couple of days and i spent Thursday over the hospital with her as she thought the baby was on its way- unfortunately not yet but we did get very familiar with all the hospital areas as we walked laps around the top floor!

Secondly my Easter party was the same day, so thank god i'm organised as i arrived home 10mins after the party started, great day had by all.

And finally my swaps arrived which i've been so excited about, must take some pic's as keep forgetting to take them when the sun's shining, everything's been a bit delayed and jumbled up.......i'm so excited at the thought of becoming an Auntie.

Will be back the start of the week with more swap pic's and hopefully news of a new arrival!!
Have a great Easter weekend!!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Grab yourself a bargain!!

For any of you wanting to grab yourself a bargain, my e-bay items are due to finish in the next 3 hours, go and have a look!!!

Lovely pin cushions, hearts, rabbits, chickens, ribbon and much much more...........

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Getting ready..............

Now I can finally show you all what I included in my swap parcels as they have arrived at there destinations. My first swap was with Emilie from A Bunch of Scrap, it was a mini Easter swap so I included a few cute chickens and Easter stickers, sweets, brooches, hearts. After getting to know Emilie I found she likes the Union Jack so I've manipulated it into a cute little heart hanger with gorgeous strawberry fabric and spots. I also made a cute doulbe ended strawberry book mark which you can see on the edge.

This is the reverse of the heart-cute green spotty fabric.

These are the brooches I made for Emilie, to have another look at the goodies, Emilie has blogged about them on her site. Thanks for Emilie for my first international swap!!

This was my second lot of swap goodies sent to Jaime, it was a Makers swap, so I could pretty much do whatever I fancied. Through e-mails we got to know each other, and I put together one of my flower ladies in her favourite colours. I also included a few goodies which I hope Jaime liked, and a bunny for her son.

A close up piccie of the stitch work that went into the flower girl, included Jaime's name in beads. Also the brooch that I made for her as well. This was a great swap as it gave me the freedom to create anything.
I'm trying to persuade Jaime to create a blog so she can join the online world of crafty bloggers!!

So that's it, I do have one last swap partner who hasn't received her goodies as yet, will post pic's as soon as hers arrives.
I have spent the day turning my house into an Easter grotto, well something similar-sounds a bit strange saying putting up my decorations!! But that's what I've been doing, getting ready for the Easter party tomorrow afternoon when 12 children will descend on my home for an Easter egg hunt, Hat parade, Pin the tail on the bunny and lots more fun in the garden, don't know who's more excited.......probably me. Have just finished the chocolate nest cakes topped of with a fluffy chick, I just love Easter can't wait, will post pic's tomorrow if I haven't run out of energy.
By the way Bewilderwood was fantastic, a totally magical experience from the boat ride when you get there to the tree houses, mazes and den building, well worth a visit!!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Do you ever go blank?

Do you ever get a blank when you've got a free reign on what to design, well that was me first thing this morning. No kids to distract, just the dull ache I've had in my ear and throat all week.

So being the practical kinda gal that I am, I started to tidy the masses of fabric that's always in my studio, and arrange some of my design inspiration and hey presto a design popped into my head.This is a peek of part of my design, I love the reds/creams and browns, it works so well.
I think I've been getting to het up with designs and thats why I keep getting blanks, my agent suggests relaxing and trying to enjoy the design process again, fab idea so I'm going to take it slow and go back to basics. As any woman knows you're always juggling several eggs in one basket(hee hee ideal for Easter)and I never feel like I have enough time to completely concentrate on one thing, plus I always feel guilty. So tomorrow is going to be a better day, got some antibiotics to help with the aches/pain in my ear. Also Mr S had to put olive oil in my ear, which was a strange experience, But it's helping!
Finger's crossed the weathers good as we're off to Bewilderwood, which is full of Tree houses, Zip wires, and jungle bridges up in the tree's. Can't wait should be great will post pic's after our adventures!
Have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Have you seen Skinny la minx in print?

Having just purchased the latest addition of Sew Hip, I was casually flicking through when I came across a delightful selection of tea towels and who should be there as No.2 but a design by the delightful Heather from Skinny la minx.
If you have never visited her site pop across to see some more of the gorgeous design work she does. Ok enough said, just got a tad excited at seeing a fellow blogger in print, back to my magazine!
Have a great arvo !!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Look what I got....

I have managed to sneak in another work day this week, which was good as managed to get another design layed down-did take a couple of attempts and did nearly throw it all in have a tantrum that my 2yr old would have been proud of, but with patience I finally got there!!

I also finished up my last swap which will be winging it's way to it's partner soon. I've been busy tying up all the loose ends with my swaps this week and have found it great to make my own things but a bit aprehensive as to what my swap partner will think?!?

Last thing this arvo I managed to get these (flat but will be fat) chickens made, thank you Claire I appreciate you sending across the pattern. Thinking I may adapt the design to incorporate a tail as my eldest asked where it was!!! I have changed the legs slightly but I'm pleased with the overall look and love mixing different fabrics. I wonder who's going to want one of these for Easter? Today I also received my first blog award from Emma , which I was totally chuffed about. Thank you Emma for choosing me it means alot (glad someone reads my ramblings!!) I love your blog too!

So, the Easter holidays are nearly upon us, my eldest has finished nursery for the hols and he was a little bit tearful as most of the kids he goes to school with will be going up to reception after easter, I'm sure a few chocolate eggs will take his mind off it.
Tomorrow me and the boys are going to get the Easter tree out and decorate it, pic's will follow. Love decorating the house for any occasion, I'm sure Mr S thinks I'm mad but he's grown used to it-I think?! Any excuse to have lots of pretty decorations out which means no dusting for a week hee hee!
Have a great weekend!

Give-away at stitches & scissors

I have just found a delightful give-away for all you fabric fantatics out there, pop over to stitches and scissors. The lucky winner will be in with a chance of winning 3 Fq's from the lush line.
You'd be mad to miss it!!!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Grab yourself a bargain..going going gone

Ok, I've been a busy bee listing some of my items on e-bay, so if anyone is looking for a bargain or gift I've got, ribbon, pin cushion, Gisela Graham items, shabby chic decorative items and many more, please feel free to log on and have a look.

For any of my eagle-eyed bloggers you'll remember that I recently had a sale for my othe business, I am trying to clear out stock so your bound to grab a bargain!
I will be listing more items in the next few days!!

Emma's e-bay items

Monday, 30 March 2009

How productive....

Well, what a busy day I've had, after dropping off the eldest to nursery I then came back and started on a new design layout for my agent, a beautiful butterfly design in pastels took a bit of tweaking but looked great once it was down. I've only been back designing for the last 2 months, and I'm finding it a bit of a struggle. I thought my design flair would just spark straight away but I've found it hard juggling the kids/house/lack of time to work, before the boys arrived I was confident and throughly enjoyed my design work so I'm hoping later this year things will be back in order and I'll have more time to concentrate on work.........These little beauties have been sat in my sewing basket for the last week, I keep adding stitches and buttons. I love the farm animals and the layering of fabric, these are probably going to be brooches but I may use them as panels on cushions?!?

This is a sneaky peak at one of my handmade gifts for the swaps, I couldn't resist popping it in as I felt it's just so yummy, plus the final outcome for my swap partner looks quite different, watch this space for final pics once my swaps have been posted.

And then Mr Postie arrived with 2 parcels, the 1st a wonderful package from Sophie Isobel Designs, and look how lovely the outer packing was(took a pic before I ripped the packaging)

And once inside, swooon, look how lovely my brooches were wrapped, lovely purple ribbons going to use them!

And these were what it was all about-gorgeous. I keep looking at them and can't wait to put them on my coat tomorrow!

The 2nd parcel was a wondeful picture from Aunty Cookie, and I can't think of a more perfect phrase-it definitely aplies to me and will be hung in pride of place, next to my stash!!
A busy day, and this evening I've been finishing off my swap items!
Have a great evening!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Getting there

This is what my busy husband has been doing this last week. As you can tell from the previous post he's been busy fencing in an area so our boys will be safe when they go down there to give me a bit of free time to work.

There's no longer rolls of carpet over the ground, but the beginnings of beds-Mr S said that he's even found potato's growing which is great. The area in the left hand corner where my MIL is working was full of glass, she managed to clear 4 bucket fulls of the stuff to make it safe for us to grow and the boys to play!! She'a real gem.

This is the view from the back part of the allotment, as you can see Mr S is still uncovering lots of wood, he reckons there's 2 shed's and several doors laid out over the allotment!! I can't believe how busy he's been, but determination is definitely his middle name, and if that means we'll get veg by the summer than so be it!! You don't see me down there this weekend as I've been a bit poorly AGAIN:( bad throat and very sore ears (can hardly hear anything which is great in some respects but not helpful for answering the phone or hearing the kids!!) Fingers crossed for a better week, lots to do and I'm soooo looking forward to Easter!!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Vintage egg give-away

I have just come across this fantastic give-away on Betty and Violet's blog, beautiful vintage eggs pop over and have a look at all their vintage loveliness, would be a shame to miss out!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Just checking in...

Not had the most creative week in the world, been working on my swaps so can't blog much about them incase the people in question have a peek at my blog. Lets just say that everything's coming on nicely and will be in the post early next week!
So here's a little lovely that I have hanging from my kitchen cupboard that I thought I'd share, I love quirky looking cow's, sheep, pigs and chickens and have quite a few on my window sill. I have to be a bit careful where i hang them now as they drive Mr S mad!!! These delicious looking cakes where made for Mother's day and they went down a treat. Forgot to add piccie early but thought they'd add a splash of colour today as it's a bit dull and miserable here! Not sure who had more fun making them the boys or me??? Yep you got!!
Mr S has managed to get down the allotment this week for a few hours and put some fencing in place, so the boys can be kept in. Now all he wants is another shed!! Me and the boys walked across to see how he was getting on yesterday and got completely soaked, not just a sprinkling of rain, we could only be described as "drowned rats", so I suppose if he did have a shed at least we could shelter from the rain!
Hope you have a great weekend, I'm off round a friends tonight to have Mexican-yum yum!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Good Life

This is what has been playing on my mind, and mostly Mr S's, it's going to be his pride and joy and I must admit his enthusiam is beginning to rub off. As of Monday Mr S is the proud owner of an allotment, a piece of land which at the moment is covered in carpet and looks slightly like a bomb site, but he tells me it has the potential of:
1. Keeping us in fruit & veg for the forciable future
2. Keeping the kids out of my way so I'm free to work and stitch.

Well what more can I say, the last statement obviously did it for me so off we trotted today to have a look. Yes it needs alot of work but the last owners have left some rhubarb, parsnips and an apple tree which is good. Mr S has got some fencing that he's hoping to use to keep the kids in, fingers crossed for another dry day tomorrow and that should be up.

A quick visit to the garden centre and we're fully stocked on seeds, the boys wholeheartedly joined in on this, including Sunflowers and some activity seeds which create wacky animal shapes-will show pic's of these as they're funky but very strange once they've grown.

And now the fun begins, Mr S is a bit meticulous and likes to draw plans and layouts much to my amusement( he's drawing one as I type!!) I'm sure they'll be several sketches left around the house, teatime talk will centre around shed's but it's going to look great and I'm very proud of his determination! Hopefully I'll get more bunches of flowers when they're home grown and to hand!!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Busy bee

I've been a busy bee finishing off my deadline, migraines have stopped (touch wood) and I'm trying not to beat myself up with the fact that I didn't get the final piece done, I know there's always another day but I'm a 110% kinda girl so I do push myself hard. This is a sneaky peek of part of my design that I've been working on-can't show you any more that would be cheating!!

I've been tossing lots of idea's about in my head, layering up different fabrics and textures as a base, not sure where it's going but thinking a chicken or two may look good on it, will post a pic later and add it to my to do list!!

Also thinking about making some baby bunting for my Sister, she's expecting her first baby in 3wks. I saw her moses basket today and it's got the cutest bunting around the top. Cream and beige would fit well in her nursery, OR I wait till Baby arrives and add a colour-any thoughts? Or ideas on what I could make the new arrival??

Sunday, 22 March 2009

My Mum's gifts

This little box full of goodies will be winging there way to my Mum this afternoon. My Mum, having seen one of my other bunnies said she'd love to have one-so me being me-I knocked this one out Friday afternoon, complete with red dress, flower applique on the corner and flower in her hair! Also in the box(lovingly covered with wrap by my boys!) are my mum's fav smellies, a book, and some decorative hearts, hope she likes them!! Close up of the flower brooch that I've pinned to her ear, love the colour linen I've used for this bunny. Also have used different colour fabric inside ear (cream spotty stuff) to the dress which looks super cute!
Close up of the gift tag I made, couple of freebies off the front of mags combined with cut out lettering-guessing my Mum's probably going to keep this, along with the other bits and pieces I've made her over the years hee hee!!

Happy Mother's Day

This little assortment of treats is what awaited me this morning from my 2 little boys, a beautiful wild flowers bouquet in purples, pale pink and cream-with roses (double points!!) Gorgeous, and a box of Swiss choc's which always goes down a treat. Not in the pic (because I'm wearing it) is a yummy Mummy apron, will be in later pics tonight. These are priceless, a hand-made card and hand-made truffles made at school by my eldest, he's only 4 but it made me smile, he'd already told me earlier in the week that he'd made them but shhhhhh, they're a secret surprise-Kid's they're priceless!!!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there, we're all off to my sisters for a spot of lunch. Me and the boys have made iced bun's covered in sweets to take as a treat for us all. Have a great afternoon!