Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thanks girls

Thank you girls for all your kind words, beginning to feel better, just taking it easy and popping on here every so often. I received my swaps organised by the 6 o'clock swap, will post all swap piccies when i getthe chance.

Hope all is well in the world of blogland, catch up soon!


  1. glad you are feeling a bit better, i felt sorry for you!

  2. Sorry i have not visited for ages and i hope that you are feeling better too !!!

    Sara x

  3. Just discovered your blog on Sarah's (Blueberry Patch) and then saw you are in Norfolk too. Nice to know different bits of creativity going on around this county. Migraine's not good thing - used to have them before the kids turned up and so really sympathise. Hope you'll get on top of them soon.


  4. Hello. Glad you are starting to feel better :)
    Em x

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your migraines!! I hope you feel 100% better soon!