Saturday, 30 May 2009

Long time no see...

Well hello there, long time no see. I've been trying to take things easy and have successfully not had a migraine in 2 wks(but shhh don't mention it I'm a bit superstitious!!!) Taking things a day at a time and enjoying the sunshine and my boys. O the plus side I have started a new venture and become a rep for Usborne books which is fab as my boys love the books nd it fits in fab with them, Sooooooo this week I had my first party and lots of people popped in to see us.

The boys very successfully made cakes and biscuits from the 30 Yummy things to bake cards, and I must admit they went down a storm!
Yummy delicious cakes!
This is the display of fab books and as you can see from the wall, beautiful monsters made by my boys from the Monster make and do book!!
If anyone is interested in purchasing books from the range or having a party or knows of any fairs/fetes coming up please get in contact.
Once again I feel really lucky to have so many bloggy friend concerned with my health, I'm getting there and enjoying the sunshine to boot!!
Have a fab weekend and I'll get the pic's on of the PIF gifts I received on here very soon xx


  1. Emma what a great idea to become a rep for Usborn books. I think these books sell themselves (I don't mean that rudely!) I always bought these books for my children (not 21 & 19) and now I buy them for Archie. I think I actually love them more than the children!

  2. the new job sounds good! glad your ok!

  3. So glad you are feeling better and I wish you all the success for your new venture! :)
    Em x

  4. Hope you are feeling a million times better and good luck with the books! x