Monday, 6 April 2009

Do you ever go blank?

Do you ever get a blank when you've got a free reign on what to design, well that was me first thing this morning. No kids to distract, just the dull ache I've had in my ear and throat all week.

So being the practical kinda gal that I am, I started to tidy the masses of fabric that's always in my studio, and arrange some of my design inspiration and hey presto a design popped into my head.This is a peek of part of my design, I love the reds/creams and browns, it works so well.
I think I've been getting to het up with designs and thats why I keep getting blanks, my agent suggests relaxing and trying to enjoy the design process again, fab idea so I'm going to take it slow and go back to basics. As any woman knows you're always juggling several eggs in one basket(hee hee ideal for Easter)and I never feel like I have enough time to completely concentrate on one thing, plus I always feel guilty. So tomorrow is going to be a better day, got some antibiotics to help with the aches/pain in my ear. Also Mr S had to put olive oil in my ear, which was a strange experience, But it's helping!
Finger's crossed the weathers good as we're off to Bewilderwood, which is full of Tree houses, Zip wires, and jungle bridges up in the tree's. Can't wait should be great will post pic's after our adventures!
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Hope you have a great day :) x

  2. hope the olive oil works!! ohhhh, bewilderwood sounds ace!

  3. i ALWAYS go blank! I am a graphic design student (I graduate in May!), but I definitely know the feeling. The best part of design is finally finding the inspiration i need to get passed a dry spell. The colors in your new design are great! I hope you get some time to relax!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about going blank, but looks like you definitely got a burst of inspiration. Too cute!

  5. All the time, then I have a mad burst, strange! Looking very cute indeed, thanks for the bewilderwood link, looks great I'll have to take the girls

  6. I hate it when my mind goes blank, sometimes I think it's because I get overwhelmed by the pressure of it all and then I just procrastinate! I think you are right- take it slow, don't feel too pressured and try and make it fun again. When I'm struggling I always ask myself "what would I love to do today" instead of "what do I have to do today" normally when I ask this I get an instant (creative) answer/image and off I go!
    Looking forward to meeting my new friend! :)
    Em xxx

  7. Hi again!
    Thank you so, so much for my little bunny- she is wonderful!
    I'm currently thinking of a name for her and I'm hoping to post about her tomorrow (schedule permitting). She's already met my bunnies and is settling in well :)
    Love Em xxx