Thursday, 23 April 2009

Back in blog land

Well hello there, I'm back in blog land with lots to show and tell. This is my swap that I received from Tammy, I took part in the semi-slackers swap and this little beauty came all the way from America. I sneakily opened it up without the boys about otherwise I'd never have got a look in!! And look at all the lovelies inside, a really cute handmade bunny, a hollow milk chocolate duck, some lovely smellies, which my youngest has already taken off to the bathroom! , a lovely tea towel, cute pink bunny, a memopad and stickers and some lovely fabric.......

A close up of the cute bunny tea towel and porcelain pink bunny.

Extremely cute fabric.
Thank you so much Tammy, it's always nice to meet new blog friends and receive lovely parcels of goodies!

The other day I purchased this cute little tote bag from Matalan, couldn't resist the gorgeous strawberry pattern, but did think I'd need to add a little bit of stitching.......

.........and taaaaa daaaa the felt strawberries are made and attached, love it! :)

I do apologise for lack of blogs but been busy being a new Auntie, looking after my munchkins, one of which has the bruised remains of an egg shaped lump on his head where he ran into some parallel bars at gym on Tuesday-The trials and tribulations of being a parent!! I've been designing again the last couple of days, and have received some samples of my work on gift wrap which I'll post tomorrow.
Also pay it forward parcels will be going out tomorrow.
And I've enrolled on my crochet course.
Have a good evening!


  1. Oh what lovely items in your parcel from Tammy. How lucky are you!
    As for signing up for a crochet course good for you. My sister is teaching me. I am loving it

  2. You got lots of lovely things didn't you!
    I would love to learn crocheting too- I tried using books but I can't get the hang of it- going on a course would be a good idea. Perhaps I'll look into it after the trade fair when I might have a bit more time.

  3. Can't wait to see your samples. Kate x

  4. Hello
    It's at Harrogate Home and Gift in July and I'm really behind on my designs! Arghhhhhh!

  5. wow! i thought i was busy!!

  6. This is just the sweetest bag ever!

  7. So glad you liked your package. I will let you know when your package arrives. Enjoy being an aunt!