Friday, 3 April 2009

Look what I got....

I have managed to sneak in another work day this week, which was good as managed to get another design layed down-did take a couple of attempts and did nearly throw it all in have a tantrum that my 2yr old would have been proud of, but with patience I finally got there!!

I also finished up my last swap which will be winging it's way to it's partner soon. I've been busy tying up all the loose ends with my swaps this week and have found it great to make my own things but a bit aprehensive as to what my swap partner will think?!?

Last thing this arvo I managed to get these (flat but will be fat) chickens made, thank you Claire I appreciate you sending across the pattern. Thinking I may adapt the design to incorporate a tail as my eldest asked where it was!!! I have changed the legs slightly but I'm pleased with the overall look and love mixing different fabrics. I wonder who's going to want one of these for Easter? Today I also received my first blog award from Emma , which I was totally chuffed about. Thank you Emma for choosing me it means alot (glad someone reads my ramblings!!) I love your blog too!

So, the Easter holidays are nearly upon us, my eldest has finished nursery for the hols and he was a little bit tearful as most of the kids he goes to school with will be going up to reception after easter, I'm sure a few chocolate eggs will take his mind off it.
Tomorrow me and the boys are going to get the Easter tree out and decorate it, pic's will follow. Love decorating the house for any occasion, I'm sure Mr S thinks I'm mad but he's grown used to it-I think?! Any excuse to have lots of pretty decorations out which means no dusting for a week hee hee!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Allo Allo mes amieee...(worried sick it's not going to get there!)

    Congrats on the award missis and top stitchin' them that chickens are magnificent! x;0)

    (Happy allotmentin'!)

  2. hehehe, i love those chickens, i got claire for a swap partner a few weeks back and she sent me one of those! an easter tree?? that sounds fantastic!

  3. I like the idea of easter decs, I think we will do that too! My eldest said goodbye to her friends yesterday too, she starts school after Easter boo hoo.

  4. I love the chickens! they are so cute. Hope your little boy cheers up I'm sure the chocolate eggs will help! Have a lovely weekend. Lisaxxx

  5. Hello!
    Loving the chickens!
    Thank you for including me in you post- that's really sweet of you :)
    I hope you got my email?
    Em x