Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Good Life

This is what has been playing on my mind, and mostly Mr S's, it's going to be his pride and joy and I must admit his enthusiam is beginning to rub off. As of Monday Mr S is the proud owner of an allotment, a piece of land which at the moment is covered in carpet and looks slightly like a bomb site, but he tells me it has the potential of:
1. Keeping us in fruit & veg for the forciable future
2. Keeping the kids out of my way so I'm free to work and stitch.

Well what more can I say, the last statement obviously did it for me so off we trotted today to have a look. Yes it needs alot of work but the last owners have left some rhubarb, parsnips and an apple tree which is good. Mr S has got some fencing that he's hoping to use to keep the kids in, fingers crossed for another dry day tomorrow and that should be up.

A quick visit to the garden centre and we're fully stocked on seeds, the boys wholeheartedly joined in on this, including Sunflowers and some activity seeds which create wacky animal shapes-will show pic's of these as they're funky but very strange once they've grown.

And now the fun begins, Mr S is a bit meticulous and likes to draw plans and layouts much to my amusement( he's drawing one as I type!!) I'm sure they'll be several sketches left around the house, teatime talk will centre around shed's but it's going to look great and I'm very proud of his determination! Hopefully I'll get more bunches of flowers when they're home grown and to hand!!!


  1. Congrats on the allotment! I'd love to do something like that.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my card and as to the question in the previous post, I would go cream and beige!

  2. We've had an allotment for the last five years, it is great exercise and the produce tastes like no other. it also got our children eating lots of things that they had previously turned their noses up at! Have fun x

  3. How fab!!
    I'd love an allottment - maybe when they have invented a way of squeezing more hours into a day???? :)

  4. hi there!! ive popped over from claires blog (dollydollop) i was her swap partner, just thought i would pop by and say thankyou for saying nice things about the jewellery i make. what part of east anglia are you from? im originally from kings lynn but now love in cheltenham. pop over my blog and say hi....if you want.
    congrats on your allotment