Monday, 9 March 2009

Beaded Flower Lady

I have been working up an idea from the girly flower faces and this is what materialised. I throughly enjoyed the freedom of layering fabrics and stitching freely. Thinking of working up a striped panel in these colours with lots of ribbon and beads....what do you think?? A close up of the stitching and bead work.

Today has not been very productful in the craft sense, have done the obligatory food shop with a toddler that tried to strangle me with my own scarf while pushing the trolley! The joys of motherhood! Took the boys to a mini olympics activity this arvo which ended with my eldest testing out his football skills and my youngest throwing another tantrum of epic proportions-award worthy-definitely!!
Not sure where my crafty ideas are going- don't seem to be able to make finished items, lots of things that COULD be used, but don't have an end purpose-HELP?/? Perhaps it's because I have so many things going on in my head and just need to prioritise..............


  1. Hi, Just popped by to say thank you for your lovely comments re my blog and work.:)
    I love this beaded flower lady. She's so cute. I love the detail and the colours work really well together. :)
    Collette xx

  2. I love her too, the colours are just lovely, good luck with all of those crafty ideas!

  3. Just to say I received my Colour Swap this morning. Wow! Everything was fantastic. I especially like the little pink bunny - she's gorgous. I will treasure her forever!

    The wooden hearts are lovely too, and the fabric and cup cake. In fact everything was really lovely. I'm so pleased.

    Your swap will be posted first thing tomorrow morning, so you should receive it by Thursday.

    I will post pictures of the items I received on my blog later this evening.

    Thank you so much - so glad you were my swap partner.

    Lots of Love

    Jayne xxxx

    p.s. The beaded flower lady is wonderful

  4. This little flower lady is adorable- it looks as if you've put a lot of work into her!

  5. oooh she is gorgeous!!! just so damn cute!!! great colours. I am loving the crafty treasures your children have been making too!!!you are a legend having boys sewing before they are 5!!!!!!!!!!