Thursday, 11 November 2010

It's raining, it's pouring...but I'm not snoring

Well this week has consisted of me trying to get frog design finished and getting some new ideas layed down. I must admit the weather is making it a hard slog as it's cold, gloomy and wet not really lending itself to working!!!

Today has poured nearly all day, me and the boys looked like drowned rats getting to school and we just missed the down pour on the way home. A visit to the dentist made me smile when my youngest put on the glasses they give you, then asked what the water was used for, the dentist replies "for swilling out" which then resulted in my eldest saying why is the water dripping over the top???One panicked dentist later, realises he has a blockage and the swill out bowl is over flowing on the floor!! Lol.

On a lighter front, have included some images of designs that have gone to print and sold through Etsy of mine. Thought it would add a bit of colour to the day.
TTFN xxx

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